Nikwax Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash


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Speciality cleaner designed to freshen and deodorise all non waterproof footwear, insoles and footbeds. Easy to use, non-flammable and free from aerosols.

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  • Deodorising cleaner for sandals, non-waterproof sports shoes and insoles
  • Cleans effectively and deodorises
  • Extends the useful life of your footwear and keeps your feet fresher and more comfortable
  • Recommended for all types of active non-waterproof footwear, sandals and insoles
Why sandals, sports shoes and footbeds start to smell after use…

Sandals, sports shoes, insoles and footbeds have one thing in common; over time, contact with your bare feet or sweaty socks will lead to a build-up of dirt, sweat and body oils. This leads to bacterial growth and smelly footwear!

Why sandals, sports shoes and footbeds start to smell after use…

If you’re a keen sports person or simply enjoy some active leisure time, your sports shoes are likely to smell bad at some point and the same can also be said for sandals.

Wearing sports shoes or sandals with bare feet will lead to a build-up of dirt, sweat and body oils . This will encourage the growth of bacteria, which cause smelly footwear, especially in hot conditions. The same issue will apply to shoes, footbeds and insoles, even if you’re wearing socks.

Additionally, if sandals and sports shoes are not adequately cleaned, bacterial growth will lead to decomposition of the materials and stitching. This is especially common in natural materials such as leather and cork as they are broken down by bacteria for nourishment, leading to them rotting and reducing the useful life time of your footwear.

Nikwax Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash is a highly effective cleaner and deodoriser which has been designed and optimised to clean and deodorise all non-waterproof footwear, including shoes, sandals and next to skin areas of footwear, such as insoles and footbeds.


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