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Most electrolyte products have nowhere near enough salts. REVIVE is scientifically* formulated to give you all the salts you need, and none of the things you don’t.

REVIVE will help you feel better, function better and perform better.

Each sachet has just the right dose of sodium, potassium and magnesium, whether you’re a hard-charging athlete, an intermittent-fasting mom, or just starting your weight loss journey.

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  • Hydration
  • Energy
  • Cognition
  • Nerve Function
  • Muscle Function


Low Carbers: REVIVE helps Low Carb folks (keto, banting, paleo) avoid carb-flu, maintain energy and focus, and stops those annoying muscle cramps.

Intermittent Fasters: REVIVE doesn’t break your fast – it has no calories. Yet, it still gives you the brain boost to focus and the energy to, well … feel revived.

Athletes: REVIVE allows athletes to train without glucose (sugar) in order to maximise fat oxidation and preserve muscle and nerve function.


There are no shortcuts to a great product. REVIVE contains no chemicals, colouring, fillers or artificial ingredients.

Our main electrolyte ingredients are sodium chloride (common salt), magnesium malate and potassium chloride.

How to prepare

Empty sachet contents into your chosen vessel (bottle, shaker, jug) and add 70 – 800ml of water. Shake or stir well.

Whatever your drinking vessel, REVIVE tastes best with 750ml of water. Use a little more or less water to suit your taste.

More about the ingredients

There are no short-cuts to a great product. REVIVE contains no chemicals, colouring, fillers or artificial ingredients. Our main electrolyte ingredients are sodium chloride (common salt), magnesium malate and potassium chloride.

However, salts on their own are acidic and unpleasant to drink (think of sea-water). We solved this problem by adding sodium citrate and calcium carbonate to soften the tartness and we found a high-quality, natural, spray-dried flavour that gives REVIVE a pleasing taste and aroma – you’ll get a nice whiff when opening the sachet.

Lastly, the saltiness of electrolytes needs a little sweetness. There was only one choice of sweetener in our book – stevia is natural, non-caloric and non-glycemic (it has no effect on blood sugar). Stevia also doesn’t have a lingering after-taste, unlike some of the other low carb sweeteners. And because stevia is exceptionally sweet, there is a tiny amount in each sachet.

The final ingredient is citric acid, necessary to ensure freshness and preserve quality.

Now that we’ve shared our secret, we hope the transparency helps customers develop confidence in our brand.

Too Much Sodium? Nope…

For the longest time, sodium, which comes from regular salt, has been taboo. It has become culturally ingrained that we shouldn’t add too much salt to our food, let alone our drink. Excess salt, we were told, exacerbates blood pressure, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Things have changed. Yet, despite new science that debunks the myth that salt is bad for everyone, perhaps the most surprising phenomenon is how many people are still locked in the past. Old dogma doesn’t die easily.

An often-quoted study showing that our standard guidelines for sodium are out-of-whack is this one published in 2011 in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). If reading scientific papers isn’t your thing, there are 3 important takeaways:

Too LITTLE salt is actually dangerous.Too much salt occurs at VERY high consumption – more than 8g* of sodium daily (that’s A LOT!)The sweet-spot, or lowest risk of cardiovascular events, occurs at 5g* of sodium per day, which is more than DOUBLE the daily intake recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in America!

*To put these numbers in perspective, the consumption of sodium is not the same as the consumption of regular salt. Common salt – the stuff we sprinkle or grind onto our food – is actually sodium chloride (NaCl). The amount of sodium in sodium chloride is about 38%. So, in order to get 5g of sodium (quoted in the above study), you actually need to consume 13g of table salt! This is a critical point often lost on people who aren’t doing chemistry for a living.

For an in-depth look at salt, The Salt Fix, by the excellent Dr James DiNicolantonio, provides an extensively researched view on why we can erase our guilt for this important mineral. Reading a book may be too time-consuming, so here is a thorough overview on the science of salt from the reliable Diet Doctor website.

If salt is ok for regular folks, what about healthy people? After all, the JAMA study was done on regular people, who we know aren’t particularly healthy. Are the needs of health-conscious people different from the average couch potato? It turns out the answer is yes, and that’s where REVIVE comes in.

REVIVE Daily Electrolytes isn’t for everyone. REVIVE is designed for 3 types of people – Low Carbers, Intermittent Fasters and Athletes.